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It’s a loaded word, beer.

Is it the ice cold, frothy, yellow, fizzy stuff gulped while mowing the lawn?
Is the the abrasively bitter West Coast IPA that numbs the tongue with each sip?
Is it the big, bold, roasty, coffee flavors and the color of midnight of an Imperial Stout?
Is it the chocolatey, caramelly, toffee, flavors of a delicate English Mild ale?

It’s all of those things. And more.
Beer is meant to be consumed: Alone or with great company. In quiet reflection or along with blasting music. Fussed over or guzzled without thought.

Beer is for everyone. There are endless flavors to be found in a glass of beer. There’s no end, no limit to what a beer can be. There’s a beer for every person, for every season, for every occasion.
We believe that beer is an experience as well. The setting, the drinking companions, the food, the music, are all key components to an enjoyable drinking experience. Beer can be about more than just the beer.

That said, our beers try to capture all those feelings into one liquid. Combining water, malt, hops, yeast, and other ingredients we aim to make beers that can be enjoyed in any setting, though we’d like you to hang out with us for a while. Here you’ll see a variety of classic beer styles as well as current trends. Most of all, we make beer to be enjoyed however you’d like to enjoy it. Seeing a room full of people having a great time because of the beer we made is the reason to keep making more of it. Keep a look out for whatever is next, as we intend to keep a diverse and interesting lineup of beers available for your enjoyment all the time.

Cheers from the Milk Money Team!

We work hard. We deliver.THERE IS A STORY

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