Good food, good drink, good friends.

A simple aim surely, but with monumental significance. It is with this mantra that we approach everything at Milk Money Brewing. We believe in the power of togetherness. Different opinions, different backgrounds can all melt away when we come together at the table over food and drink. In fact, few things in this world have the power to bind us like a good meal. The celebration of togetherness is our driving force to create an experience and environment that welcomes all people, for when we are together the possibilities are endless. Our desire is to be that place where family and friends gather, where communities come together and where we celebrate the things that bring us together not those that drive us apart. Whatever the reason you walk through our doors, once you’re here your home, surrounded by friends and family. Let us reveal together, laugh together, eat together and drink together. Let us mourn, let us grow and let us learn. Let us be there for you and with you through life’s journey, the triumphs and the trials. Being there is our privilege, one which we don’t take lightly. Whether you’re here to reconnect with old friends, reinforce the bonds of family or start something new, for but a moment we are a part of that. This is an honor we scant begin to describe. We simply promise to be a steward of those moments, to treat them with reverence and execute them in a way that forever enshrines them in the annals of fond memories. We thank you for letting us into your lives, even if for just one night, and we promise through thick and thin to be there to build memories and moments for as long as you will allow us too. To good food, good drink and good friends here at Milk Money Brewing, welcome home.

Cheers from the Milk Money Team!

We work hard. We deliver.THERE IS A STORY

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Become one of our other “friends with benefits” and join our Mug Club. This option is not a subscription and frequently bought as a gift. If you are buying for someone else, please change the display name. We want to ensure membership card is done correctly.
$250.00 / year
This membership creates “members” who’s patronage actively supports the business which in turn actively supports its patrons creating a community. In addition, the business has an ethical responsibility to provide a greater good for the community as a whole, in addition to its members.  This is done through responsible, local sourcing, environmental consciousness, local based philanthropy and creating a safe and inclusive environment in the brewery. This shared responsibility facilitates a greater connection between the business, its members and its community.