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Food is good, eat good food.

Do you know what your eating? What does it mean to proclaim “scratch cooking” or made fresh? In today’s world it is not much more than a buzz word used by restaurants without any definition or accountability.

Proclaiming locally sourced, farm to table and seasonally focused food comes with a lot of responsibility and necessary diligence. For us it’s not just something cool to put on the menu or the gram. This is an ethos. It’s a philosophy and a belief in educating guests on where their food actually comes from and who the farm/farmer is that produced it. This is the core of our food, simple, local seasonal ingredients of the highest quality. We present these ingredients to highlight the hard work the farmer puts in to grow it. It’s about recognizing the endless benefits of seasonal cooking, while embracing the challenges that it presents. We aim to not screw up what the farmer has given us and to offer a seasonal, locally sourced menu that forces us to push our creative boundaries. It’s a choice to not serve strawberries in the dead of winter, because of the immense cost to our environment and our local food economy. It’s about celebrating those weeks in June and July when the strawberries grown in our backyard are at the height of their season. We want to celebrate the temporality of the seasons so that we may also be more present in life. Taking what is given and celebrating that gift, rather than always looking for what’s next or what could be. Food allows us to stop and be here and now with friends and family.

Food is an experience, invoking our fondest thoughts and memories. The basis of food should be able to tell a story, our story, your story or a new story we can share together. Whether we transport you to a time and place near and dear to you or we build a new memory with you here and now our goal is connection through food. Food is an expression of life and friendships borne from moments gathered around the table. With that in mind, each and every night, we invite you into our home so that we may produce high quality food and friendships. It is our honor to build these bonds of friendships with our guests, our farmers and our community so that we may all share our stories and create new ones.

Cheers from the Milk Money Team!

We work hard. We deliver.THERE IS A STORY

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Become one of our “friends with benefits” and join our Mug Club. This is frequently bought as a gift because everyone wants to be a part of this club. Membership cards must be picked up and activated onsite. If you are buying for someone else, please ensure that person’s name is on the card as the member so they can enjoy the benefits. 
$250.00 / year
This membership creates “members” who’s patronage actively supports the business which in turn actively supports its patrons creating a community. In addition, the business has an ethical responsibility to provide a greater good for the community as a whole, in addition to its members.  This is done through responsible, local sourcing, environmental consciousness, local based philanthropy and creating a safe and inclusive environment in the brewery. This shared responsibility facilitates a greater connection between the business, its members and its community.