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Brewing is our life, beer is our water so don’t waste time drinking all kind of
other things which won’t make your life better.


You never forget your first sip

Our members get exclusive access – that’s right restricted Merchandise, Discounts, Events +BREAKING NEWS. Being a part of the brewery we consider you family and will treat us as such. That also means we can punch each other in the arms while drinking beers. Belly up for a good time and see you at the brewery!

BrewmasterBart Simpson (still top secret...)

Most Popular (Subscription)Beer Club

Become one of our “friends with benefits” and join our Mug Club. For the annual $100 fee you can get half off pints on Mondays, $2 off growler fills on Wednesdays, and .50 cents off pints Tuesday-Sunday. You get to drink out of a mug when you come visit our Taproom or Annex (we are not giving out personal mugs anymore due to lack of space for all of the mugs), as long as its a Group A or Group B beer, and not cider or wine. You cannot take a mug home, mugs must stay at Milk Money. With this membership you also get to hear the latest news and special offers before anyone else. You MUST present the bartenders or servers with your Mug Club card at point of purchase before you can receive any benefits. Once you sign up for the Mug Club we will send you a card with your name and membership number. If you are buying for someone else, please email that person’s name to info@milkmoneybrewing.com.

$100.00 / year
Beer Club
Join the club everyone in La Grange is talking about! This is an annual subscription which includes VIP site privileges.

KILLER Gift! (No Subscription)Mug Club

Become one of our other “friends with benefits” and join our Mug Club. This option is not a subscription and frequently bought as a gift. If you are buying for someone else, please email that person’s name to info@milkmoneybrewing.com. We want to ensure membership card is done correctly. 

  • One time fee
  • Exclusive use of logo’d mug in the restaurant
  • 10% off food every Tuesday
  • 10% off Beer dinner tickets
  • Early access to limited releases
Mug Club
Join the club everyone in La Grange is talking about!

Exclusive (First 100) Beer Club The Friendly Milk Men & Women of La Grange

  • Initial membership $1000
  • You will receive a Milk Money Brewing Hat and Shirt
  • Exclusive meet and greet with the head brewery before opening, which includes a private tasting
  • Tickets for you and 1 guest to an exclusive pre-opening dinner
  • 4 limited release bottles in year 1
  • Recognition of membership on plaque hung in the restaurant
  • An exclusive customized mug for use in the restaurant on your visits
  • 10 % of food every Tuesday
  • 10 % of beer dinner tickets
  • 10 % of beer club membership for life
  • 10 % of merchandise
  • Right of first refusal for upcoming year’s beer club membership
  • Click here to purchase via our website

Investors Beer club (Only 10 slots left)Founders Pie

The goal of this fundraising effort is to raise enough debt-based investment to purchase the cooking and brewing equipment. This
investment will be secured by the equipment it is used to purchase. The terms of the investment are as follows:
  • $10,000 Investment
  • 6% ROI
  • 6 Year Term
  • Repayment begins on first anniversary of opening( 6 year total term, 5 year repayment schedule)
  • Payments made in the form of check or ACH quarterly
  • Equipment is held by separate LLC
In addition to the terms of repayment this program will offer several other fantastic incentives for those who get involved. By being a debt-based investment partner you will automatically receive entrance into our founding beer club “The Friendly, Neighborhood Milk Men & Women of La Grange”. Click here to apply for membership